Miscellaneous Coverage (and changes to Debt Protection)

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We made some significant behind-the-scenes changes to the way CU*BASE handles the posting of
insurance and debt protection premiums to your member loan accounts. Instead of being run manually by an Operator, your configuration will now contain settings that allow the system to automatically post premiums on the appropriate date. This is just another example of our streamlining our back office tasks to lower the risk of potential operator error.

Now the process is run in an automated batch posting job during beginning-of-day according to your configuration. Additionally, Smart Operator will help ensure that the process is well documented for you to review. (Check out MNGELE #9 Smart Operator: Daily Ops Log.)

To facilitate this, we have modified the MNCNFB #18 Ln Insurance/Debt Protection Cfg to allow you to specify for each product the date, day, and frequency when premiums should be posted, if appropriate for that insurance/debt protection product. On the specified day, the system will post premiums and produce the usual posting reports (TCUNAS2/TCUNAS3 or TCUNAD2/TCUNAD3), which have also been enhanced to include additional information about the process and any exceptions (also, the TCUNAS1 and TCUNAD1 reports were eliminated).